I maj 2024 kommer jag att ställa ut tillsammans m´med Eva Möller

I Växthuset på hellekis Säteri på Kinnekulle. 

Om du är intresserad eller nyfiken på någon av mina tavlor, maila mig på: byhelen@creaart.se

Fri frakt i Stockholm med omnejd


In progress...

In May 2024 I will exhibit together with Eva Möller

In the greenhouse at Hellekis Säteri at Kinnekulle.

If you are interested or curious about any of my paintings, email me at: byhelen@creaart.se

Free shipping in Stockholm and the surrounding area

The paintings below are for sale. Contact me at byhelen@creaart.se

if you are interested, enjoy the look!

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Boy with balloons on the countryside


Halfabstract acrylic painting size 30x50cm

Boy with balloons


Halfabstract acrylic painting size 30x30cm

Fuente del Segura


With inspiration from one of Spain's largest rivers, La Segura, it became a friendly, mild painting with both structure and golden elements, size 116x89x4


The tiny village


A mixed media painting with acrylic paint and acrylic ink made up of texture paste and a collage at the bottom as structure. Size 80x80x4

Midnight over the Mediterranean


Not as abstract as many of my other paintings. However, the structure is also found on this one. Size 116x89x4

A fairy tree


With DNA as a base and many small details, this becomes a fairy tale tree, I think. The size is 116x89 and the canvas is 4 cm deep

Beautiful storm


An acrylic painting with a lot of structure and a little gold. Size 116x89 on deepedge canvas


Cosmic nebula


One of my biggest sources of inspiration is space. Acrylic painting, 80x100 deep edge canvas

My Space


A place in space. Small acrylic painting, 30x40 cm

Sparkling blue


Sparkling blue is an abstract warm blue acrylic painting with elements of silver, the dimensions are 60 x 80

 Rainy season in the Ravine 


An abstract painting in acrylic with texture and the flamingo 40 X 50cm. The motif is inspired by the dry ravines in Spain that become full of life during rainy periods 

Bridge over...


A small abstract acrylic painting with lots of texture and gold details. The bridge gives you a feeling of truth, size 40 x 50

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Lagoon Rosa


Abstract acrylic painting with lots of texture and tones in pink, 50 x 70 cm, inspired by the pink salt lakes around Torrevieja in Spain

Flamingo pitstop


A larger flamingo painting in slightly more dramatic acrylic colors. Structure and a mix of techniques in size 70×100.cm. Also available as mini prints, 15 x 21

San Miguel de Salinas


An abstract acrylic painting with lots of textures and soft colors, 70 x 100cm. Inspired by the salt lakes of eastern Spain

Sold out

Spanish Pyrenees 


An abstract fantasy environment that brings to mind the Spanish Pyrenees. The painting is painted in acrylic with slightly different techniques such as brush, sponge, knife and fingers, 70 x 100cm

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Beloved sun


A bright abstract acrylic painting with a warm glow from the rising sun, 50 x 60



An acrylic painting with touches of gold, size 60x80. Different techniques make the painting exciting and take you far away...perhaps to something that was recently born

Infinity eternety


An abstract mixed media painting. A sense of space with a golden path into eternity, 



A painting of a fictional woman named Katarina, 70 x 100cm



I have named this woman Alexandra. It is an acrylic painting, 70 x 100 with golden touches. The inspiration comes from ancient Egypt

Hello Globe!


An abstract painting of a globe. I have used different techniques in acrylic paint, structure in both background and front, 40 x 50 cm.


The Globe II 


A golden painting painted in Spain. The first layer is a collage with a lot of text (I like letters). On top of the collage is an acrylic painting painted with many different techniques and textures, here too there are letters. Size 40 x 50 cm


Sold out

Far away


Space has always fascinated me and I often return to it in my paintings. Here we have a slightly smaller one, 40x50 cm in acrylic. The globe has texture and there are silver parts in these.